Arisa Katsumata
Kanji ありさ かつまた
Romaji Katsumata Arisa
Alias Risa (りさ, Risa)
Ari-sensei (あり せんせい, Ari-sensei)
Race Human
Age 25
Height 169 cm
Gender 47 kg
Eyes Aqua Blue
Hair Pink
Nationality Japanese
Professional Status
Affiliation Kuroda Shigure (Boyfriend)
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
Seiyuu Katrina Tumanda


She has long curly pink hair that is up to his waist. She usually wears long neck yellow sweater with sleeves and long black-grey leggings.


She can be seen as a very cheerful, nice and a playful person, as seen at the story she said that she can be called "Risa-sensei/Risa or Ari-chan" and which made a nice impression at everyone.

Arisa's Showing her Dark Pressence

Arisa-sensei showing her dark side.

Sometimes she can be rude to her students when shes already on her limit or shes already got pissed off with some annoying students in her class.


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